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Dear Customers, Partners and Colleagues,

In 2016, I had the honor of succeeding Eric Van Zele at the helm of this company. My first impression of Barco? A company with solid capabilities and a sound strategic direction. The 2016 results clearly reflect these strong foundations. While 2016 was a year of organizational changes – new members in the leadership team and new headquarters – we managed to achieve good financial results. Sales were up 7% versus 2015 (1,100 million euros) and we enhanced profitability.

In the past months, I’ve spotted exciting opportunities to make Barco even better, stronger and more successful than it is today. I’m sure that we can leverage our technology, software and services to drive outcomes for our customers and value for our stakeholders. How? As a technology leader, we will retain our focus on innovation. Yet in order to win in our markets, we will combine innovation with a clear focus on performance, through value engineering and initiatives to foster operational and commercial excellence.

I’m excited to take this exceptional organization to the next level in the coming years, to enable really bright outcomes for all our stakeholders.

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we want more

We want more!

When people go out, they crave true excitement: experiences that convey a sense of wonder and thrill, and create lasting memories.


Collaboration works better

Smart, successful businesses get their teams to collaborate better than others do, unlocking the power of shared knowledge.


Moving from volume to outcome-based healthcare

With healthcare costs dramatically on the rise, healthcare services are urged to move to outcome-based care.

Our sustainability plan

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