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At Barco, we strive to combine our zeal for innovation with a strong focus on execution and a clear commitment to outcome-based solutions. That is the new DNA we are now embracing.

The cornerstone of this ambition is to instill a say-do mentality in our company culture; inspiring our people to ‘do what they say’ and ‘say what they do’.

We aim to make this continual focus on transparency, problem-solving and execution a key element of our collaboration, and of our growth as a company.

This will complement the Barco DNA with a powerful capability to translate innovative ideas into bright outcomes for every Barco stakeholder.

Letter from the CEO

Dear customers, business partners, employees and shareholders,

The world around us is changing rapidly and customer needs are shifting. Businesses that want to remain successful, have to adjust and refine their strategies in light of these changes. That’s what Barco did in 2017. To remain competitive, while delivering healthy returns on our shareholders’ investments, we updated our strategy.

Our renewed strategy is based on three vectors: innovation, a focus on performance and a commitment to delivering superior customer outcomes. In addition, it includes a resolute choice to go for sustainable impact, because we believe that sustainable business is smart business.

As we advanced into 2017, we saw the first positive results of this quest: Barco is becoming a more effective, leaner, more agile company. That was reflected in our financial results too: we improved our profitability performance and generated solid free cash flow results.

So, 2017 was a year of change, focus and choices, while we made steady progress. We have solid foundations in place to stride into 2018 with confidence.

I look forward to enabling bright outcomes for the entire Barco ecosystem in 2018 and beyond.

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