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Working hard to remain ahead of the curve

An interview with Wim Buyens

Wim Buyens has headed our Entertainment division for nine years. On 1 January 2018, he passed on the torch to Nicolas Vanden Abeele and became CEO of our new cinema joint venture. How was his last year leading our entertainment team?

We help every entertainment client deliver amazing experiences while, at the same time, earn more.

Wim Buyens

Senior VP Barco

“The leitmotiv running through everything we do, is the ‘wow’ factor,” Wim says, “as the entertainment industry is always looking for new ways to compel their audiences. At the same time, clients want outcomes, not just specs. That’s why we increasingly fuse our products with services that instill peace of mind.”

Barco’s entertainment solutions all share the same objective: to turn heads and create compelling moments.

Blockbuster years

Cinema, the division’s major business, has been thriving for years. “While 2017 was a tough year for global cinema, we remained the market leader, thanks to our unique portfolio. We help exhibitors deliver amazing experiences and earn more.” To retain its top position, Barco has now reshaped its cinema business, entrusting its sales, marketing and services activities to a dedicated joint venture. “By teaming up with other experts, we’ll broaden our perspective, our market reach and our offering,” Wim explains.

Trendsetting hardware and software

How will the Entertainment division fare without cinema-related sales? “We’ve laid some excellent foundations and we’re working hard to remain ahead of the curve. Our new UDX projector and the popular F series are trendsetters, as are our image-processing solutions. I trust that Nicolas will gear the division toward success in 2018 and beyond.”

In les Baux de Provence (France), 100 Barco laser phosphor projectors bring the artworks of Bosch, Brueghel and Arcimboldo to life to the rhythm of contemporary music.

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How does Nicolas Vanden Abeele, the ‘new kid on the block’, see the future of our Entertainment division?

Creating moments, enriching lives.

Our Entertainment division at a glance

Whether in cinemas, concert halls or museums; at theme parks, music festivals or in retail and advertising: Barco’s entertainment solutions are designed to turn heads and create compelling moments. By providing our customers with the most advanced projectors, LED displays, image processing and sound solutions, we help them win fans, rather than audiences. Our increasing focus on providing convenience and services further helps them keep that fan base and grow their businesses.

Exceptionally rugged, super silent or outrageously powerful? Our F-series portfolio of 4K UHD projectors includes a model to meet every need.


If used at 80% of their capacity, our award-winning UDX 4K large-venue laser phosphor projectors work faultlessly for up to 60,000 hours. They help rental companies and AV integrators provide stunning experiences while saving both time and money.


In 2017, we achieved the milestone of 100 all-laser cinema multiplexes installed worldwide. By going all-laser – i.e. combining flagship laser and smart laser series projectors – exhibitors are sure to realize substantial cost savings and operational efficiencies.

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