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An interview with Filip Pintelon

When Filip Pintelon joined our Healthcare division in 2015, he clearly defined the essence of the business: to co-create technology solutions that ensure the best possible healthcare outcomes for as many people as possible. How did the division perform in 2017?

Our mission is to co-create technology solutions that ensure the best possible healthcare outcomes for as many people as possible.

Filip Pintelon

General Manager Healthcare

“Our medical solutions ensure exceptionally accurate images, while raising productivity. That’s how we enable bright outcomes,” Filip begins. “We know that we absolutely have to stick to our focus on delivering high-quality medical solutions. 2017 has proven us right.”

Our Coronis Uniti® diagnostic display system was a game changer upon its launch, in 2014, and it still is today. No other supplier provides a display that supports both PACS and breast imaging.

Unique, high-quality solutions

“Just look at what we did in the US. While every US hospital is struggling with budget cuts, we won market share. Our high-quality solutions attributed to that success, as did our investments in education, sales and value engineering.” The diagnostics business also thrived in Asia Pacific and in Latin America in 2017. In Europe, it maintained a status quo. “China was slightly disappointing,” Filip admits. “Yet I’m sure a new sales-to-market strategy will get us back to growth there.”

Ever-brighter healthcare outcomes

Catching up in China is a focal point in 2018, as it is regaining growth for the surgical business. “For years, we’ve had a first-mover advantage in surgical but competition is fiercer now. Yet, I’m determined to recover, as our strategy is good and we keep investing in our Nexxis platform.” Overall, Filip wants to stick to his recipe for success in 2018: innovation, education and cost consciousness. “More than that, we will increasingly introduce services to enable ever-brighter healthcare outcomes.”

Barco solutions ensure the most accurate images and raise productivity in operating theaters too. As surgical became really big business in 2017, competition rose. To keep up, we continue to invest in our Nexxis platform.

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The mission of our Healthcare division?
Hear Filip explain.

Enable better healthcare outcomes for more people

Our Healthcare division at a glance

Barco co-creates technology solutions for integrated care. From the imaging room and radiology department to specialist consultations and the surgical suite: we connect healthcare professionals at every patient touchpoint. They rely on our medical imaging solutions to deliver the complete picture they need to make life-critical decisions and provide the best possible treatment – all in order to ensure the best healthcare outcomes. It’s these outcomes that matter most to us: our solutions are designed to meet hospitals’ clinical, operational and financial needs.

Barco’s Healthcare team develops solutions that help healthcare professionals to provide the best possible treatment.


Radiologists that use a display with a calibrated luminance of 1000 cd/m2, like Uniti®, have a 10% greater chance of detecting microcalcifications.


Our toolset for a more intuitive workflow now includes 11 tools – 4 of which were launched in 2017 – all supporting radiologists with their increasingly busy and demanding workloads.

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