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Our strategy

Our company DNA

In 2017, Barco changed its mission statement and updated its strategy in order to better meet the needs of today’s tech-driven world. Our new mission statement and strategy now both include a commitment to outcomes. That commitment is intertwined with a zeal for innovation – a characteristic that has been shaping Barco since its earliest days – and a strong focus on performance. In addition, we resolutely chose to go for sustainable impact in everything we do. That's the Barco DNA that we are embracing.

Leading by innovation

Bold innovation has been one of Barco’s recipes for success for over 85 years. Our solutions are often revolutionary and set the tone in their respective markets. Innovation at Barco, however, should be and increasingly is, customer-oriented. That’s how ClickShare and our new UniSee™ video wall became real game-changers. Moreover, innovation at Barco is about more than launching innovative products. We’re also rethinking the way we work and do business – to ensure we retain our lead in today’s fast-moving markets.

Focusing on performance

Innovation, however, is no longer enough to remain a market leader. We have to focus on performance too. By stepping up our passion for execution, we will become a more effective, leaner, more agile company that is able to innovate quicker, sell better and respond speedily to market changes. We identified four strategic areas to focus on until they’ve become second nature: driving commercial excellence, value engineering, investing in local capabilities and working smarter.

Offering outcome-based solutions

As technology introduces new ways to live, play and work, we believe that our customers will demand outcomes instead of products, i.e. pay for high-quality projection without buying projectors. For Barco, that implies that we have to change from being a tech ‘specs’ vendor to a partner that delivers outcomes - through hardware, software and services. The road to this business model is long, but we’ve taken the first steps. In 2017, we even launched our first software-as-a-service Digital Enablement platform.

Going for sustainable impact

When deciding how to execute on our strategy, we decided on a very clear path forward: we want to work with respect. Respect for our colleagues, for the community we operate in and for the planet we all live on. In other words, we will innovate, focus on performance and deliver outcome-based solutions in a sustainable way. The sustainability strategy that we drafted in 2017 will guide us along the way.

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