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Solid growth for Entertainment: we keep stealing the show

An interview with Nicolas Vanden Abeele

2019 was Cinionic’s first full year in business. How does Nicolas Vanden Abeele, the division’s general manager, look back upon this bold move in cinema? And how did his team sustain growth in the ProAV and events business?

With an exceptionally wide laser projector portfolio – including the top-notch Series 4 – Barco really drives laser!

Nicolas Vanden Abeele

General Manager Entertainment

“We reinforced our position as the world’s number one in cinema,” says Nicolas. “As the replacement wave in cinema took off, Cinionic signed a number of landmark deals. More than that, we launched our Series 4 laser projector platform, which puts us in pole position in cinema. By accelerating our value-added offering with solutions and services related to connectivity, analytics, etc., we want to increase our market share in the future.”

Barco’s entertainment solutions all share the same objective: to turn heads and create compelling moments.

A leader in the ProAv and events business

Cinema in China was more difficult in 2019, Nicolas admits: “We did retain our 50% market share but the market is clearly in transition. So, we’ll have to work hard and diversify our offering to retain our foothold there. The ProAV and events business in China, on the other hand, is thriving. In the rest of the world, we remain the undisputed market leader in rental and staging (events). In ProAv, our sharpened focus on target markets and our investments in the UDX family are clearly paying off.”

New imaging solutions and services

Going forward, the Entertainment division resolutely focuses on growth: “In order to stay ahead of the curve, we’ll keep investing in new imaging solutions like LED and in new services, such as workflow and connectivity services. Without losing our focus on performance, of course. The savings we make by boosting efficiency can be reinvested in innovation to sustain our growth.”

Barco projectors bring images of Japan to life at an Culturespaces exhibition in Ateliers des Lumière (Paris). Barco is the sole projection technology partner for Culturespaces’ world-wide digital art exhibitions.

Creating moments, enriching lives.

Our Entertainment division at a glance

Whether in cinemas, concert halls or museums; at theme parks, music festivals or corporate events: Barco’s entertainment solutions are designed to turn heads and create compelling moments. By providing our customers with the most advanced projectors, LED displays and image processing solutions, we help them capture fans rather than audiences. Our increasing focus on convenience and services further helps them build that fan base and grow their businesses.

At experimenta, Germany’s largest Science Center, 6 XDL 4K-60L Barco projectors and a Barco laser cinema projector work together to create very bright, colorful and intense image projections in the impressive Science Dome.

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