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An interview with Filip Pintelon

With a new hub in China, a warmly welcomed update of Nexxis, continued success for diagnostics and promising new solutions in the pipeline, 2019 looked bright for Barco’s Healthcare division. General manager Filip Pintelon confirms that 2019 was a good year.

Hospitals want to reduce process complexity and the workload of their teams. Barco caters to that need.

Filip Pintelon

General Manager Healthcare

“The opening of our new R&D and production hub in China was definitely a milestone,” says Filip. “With a strong double digit growth, China now is our fastest growing market. We couldn’t have realized that growth without our solid investments there. While the focus still is on diagnostics, but we do expect surgical to pick up in China from 2020 onwards.”

The Orsi Academy, Europe’s largest training center for robotic surgery and innovative medical technology in general, uses our Nexxis OR-over-IP platform. Barco also sees the center as an ideal forum for demonstrating and testing new technologies. 

A reference in digital OR solutions

In more traditional markets, Barco remains a market leader in diagnostic imaging and demand for surgical solutions is clearly on the rise. Filip: “Hospitals see Barco as the reference when it comes to solutions for the digital OR. By teaming up with Caresyntax® we will take our solution lineup to new levels – with greater focus on connectivity, workflow and analytics. In this way, we’ll be able to cater to a clear need, not only in surgical but in healthcare in general: hospitals want to relieve their teams. By wrapping services and software around our high-end displays, we can help them.”

AI, machine learning and robotics

“Our incubators are proof of our commitment to software and services,” Filip continues. “Both the cloud-based Synergi™ platform and the Demetra skin scanner were well received in 2019. For Demetra, we now want to further boost the AI capabilities. AI, machine learning and robotics are definitely the way to go in healthcare, as is co-creation. As we’re increasingly co-creating solutions, it’s amazing to see how we get closer to our mission of offering better health outcomes around the world.”

“The Demetra skin scanner will change how we screen, diagnose and follow up on skin cancer. And as more AI functionality is gradually integrated, skin lesion screening will keep improving,” says Prof. Dr. Lieve Brochez, a dermatologist at Gent University Hospital.

Enable better healthcare outcomes for more people

Our Healthcare division at a glance

We connect healthcare professionals at almost every patient touch point, from the imaging room, to radiology, during specialist consultations and in the surgical suite. By providing medical staff with the complete and most accurate picture, we enable more informed decisions, when and where it matters most.

Barco clearly sees a keen interest in added-value solutions like Uniti®. That’s why the revamped Coronis 4MP and 6MP diagnostic display systems now also come with productivity tools.

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