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Our strategy

Stepping up our strategy, with a focus on ‘expansion’

In 2017, we introduced a new strategy to guide us in pursuing our mission to ‘enable bright outcomes’. Built around four strategic pillars, it aims to maximize our business opportunities across three time horizons, in three ‘chapters’. In 2019, we took the Barco strategy to the next level: after three years of hard work to boost our performance, our strategy is now fully geared towards growth. Step by step, we are evolving towards an organization that truly focuses on enabling bright outcomes.

Innovate for impact

More than launching innovative products, innovation at Barco aims for impact, i.e. added value for our customers. By analyzing our innovation plans, discussing them with customers and de-risking them, we want to ensure solid returns on our innovation investments.

Focus on performance

To lead the way in changing times, we unceasingly focus on performance: we work hard to drive efficiency and agility, strengthen our commercial capabilities and reduce costs and we apply ‘value-focused thinking’ in everything we do.

Offer outcome-based solutions

We want to provide our customers with outcome-based solutions instead of just products. That implies a step-change in the way we work: we have to evolve from a tech ‘specs’ vendor into a partner that delivers outcomes through hardware, software and services.

Go for sustainable impact

When executing our strategy, we want to work with respect for our planet, the community we operate in and our colleagues. Year after year, we accelerate our sustainability efforts in these three domains: planet, communities and people.

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2019: a first step in rejuvenating our company culture

As Barco is changing, so does our company culture. In 2019, we kicked off a culture rejuvenation project, defining the cultural traits that Barco must embrace to continue leading in its dynamic markets. Based on input from 250 colleagues from all levels and countries, we defined the five key building blocks of Barco’s culture:

  • We think with the customer
  • We team up to win, globally
  • We look for the better way
  • We own our results
  • We care, we grow