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Our sustainability performance - planet

Our ambition: we will lower our environmental footprint and those of our customers.

As a global company, we are aware of the impact our operations have on our planet. We are therefore working hard to minimize the environmental footprint of our own operations and that of our products.

Reducing the carbon footprint of our own operations

There are three sources of CO2 emissions in our own operations: logistics, mobility and infrastructure. The major source of greenhouse gas emissions from our own operations is related to logistics, i.e. the transport of incoming goods and outgoing finished goods. A solid plan to optimize transport worldwide has helped us cut logistics emissions in recent years. Over the past few years, we have been working hard to shift transport from air to sea freight. As a result, logistics-related greenhouse gas emissions dropped by 20% between 2015-2018. Greenhouse gas emissions from infrastructure (electricity, gas, etc.) are slowly but steadily decreasing too.

Reduce the carbon footprint of our own operations by 20% (baseline 2015).

Reducing the energy performance of our products

Generally we see that market trends and customer preferences are shifting towards solutions with ever-higher performance (brightness, resolution, etc.) – which require higher energy consumption levels. That is why we constantly measure and manage the energy performance of our products and work to improve it. Thanks to the increased sales of laser projectors, which consume far less power than traditional lamp-based systems, we are able to gradually reduce the energy footprint of our products.

Reduce the energy footprint of our products by 25% by 2020 (baseline 2015).

Designing our products for the environment

Next to improving the energy performance of our products, we also want these to be composed of low-impact materials, packed in an ecofriendly way and easy to maintain, refurbish, upgrade and eventually recycle. To determine the environmental performance of our products, we have set up an ecoscoring for new products. In 2019, 80% of new products were ecoscored. 23% of the ecoscored products obtained the Barco ECO label.

By 2020, ensure that at least 25% of our product launches have the Barco ECO label.+ 100% of new product launches will be ecoscored.+ no products will have a D score.

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